OTTA Orchestra is a unique, unparalleled, women's concert show in the genre of contemporary instrumental music. The main feature and difference of the collective in the "ocean" of modern groups is their music! I want to listen and re-listen to it both from the concert stage and alone with myself. This is music out of style and time. Exclusive author's material, written especially for the group, is instrumental compositions in the style of new age (world projects representing this style - Yanni, Kitaro, Vanessa Mae).

The group's albums are presented on leading digital platforms, and individual compositions were included in the collections of "100 Best Compositions", "100 Instrumental Hits". World pop stars collaborated with the OTTA Orchestra: - Pupo, F. David, (Autoradio festival "Disco 80s"), - Russian stars - L.V. Leshchenko, I. Reznik, D. Maidanov, Zara, Kai Metov, Y. Sumishevsky.

Over the years of its existence, the OTTA Orchestra group managed to perform at concerts in the State Kremlin Palace, KZ Russia, at the venues of various famous clubs in the capital, visited with solo concerts the cities of Russia, as well as China. The group received awards from the YAMAHA company, a member of the OTTA-orchestra group - frequent guests of TV programs on the First and Second channels. An instrumental ensemble of charming girls performs instrumental music in various genres and styles.

OTTA includes bright girls playing various musical instruments. Violins and keyboards, drums and percussion, guitar and accordion, Belarusian cymbals and Indian sitar, Chinese hulusi - instruments are presented as heroes of the musical theater with which the group performs on stage. Our instrumental group consists of professionals, graduates of music universities. The band members are ready to decorate your holiday with beautiful instrumental music- from classical music in modern interpretation to the author's instrumental music in a live performance. The instrumental group OTTA Orchestra will be the decoration of your event, decorate your evening with beautiful music and professional performance.