OTTA-orchestra is a Russian female instrumental group. Lee Otta, whose name formed the basis of the band's name, is the band's composer and arranger. The group plays her music. The mention of the word orchestra is also not accidental. Music is based on the orchestral style of new age, world music.

The origin of the group dates back to 2007. At this time, Lee Otta was brought in as an orchestrator to work with Russian guitarist DiDuLay. This is how his album “Music of Unmade Films” was born in 2007, which began the close collaboration of these two creative people working in the genre of instrumental music.

In the process of work, Lee Otta met the sound engineer and music producer Sergey Migachev (Moscow), a talented and experienced person who worked on the DiDuLya project, A. Russo, A. Khoralov and others. Her huge potential as a composer prompted Sergey to thought of creating a new instrumental project. The idea to create a group was born. And later they decided that this team would be female.

Why is the group female? Music written by a woman should be performed by a women's group - the founders of the group decided, all music is permeated with femininity and women feel music in their own way. The search for musicians has begun.

The formation of the group did not happen quickly - work was carried out, not everything was clear - the participants changed, the concept changed, but music did not stop being created. The founders of the group had an unshakable faith in the success of the project. In 2009 OTTA-orchestra and DiDuLa presented the joint track "Greek" in the State Kremlin Palace in his solo concert. The OTTA-orchestra filmed clips, toured Russian cities, participated in television shows.

The most striking compositions were "Indeana", "Deja Vu", "Husky".

The group has released four albums: "Intercontinental" (2010), "Delight" (2015), "Shiny Shape" (2020), "Meeting Place" (2022) and three singles: "The Five Elements" (2013), "Greece" (2016), "Let Me Free" (2017), "Royal Safari" (2019). Not a bunch

Composer of the group Li OTTA - orchestrator, arranger. Her work is associated with writing music and soundtracks for films, collaboration with German record companies and symphony orchestras in Canada, Japan, Russia. One of the key works was the recording and performance of "Hymns of the World" in an orchestral arrangement in Germany.

Her "scores do not burn" in the literal sense. A daring attempt to write music for Jacopone's cult "work of the ages" "Stabat Mater", eventually resulted in a whole operatic mystery. And in the process of rehearsals, an unpleasant incident occurred - the entire rehearsal room literally burned to the ground, leaving only two scores of Stabat Mater, authored by Pergolesi and OTTA, intact. Someone will think - this is a coincidence or an accident, or maybe there is some mysticism, a secret meaning in this? ... Her further work was connected with writing music for the OTTA-orchestra. An amazing sense of style and experience combined in these musical opuses. A native of the Russian-speaking East, she absorbed the diversity of the richest cultural traditions of the peoples inhabiting this region.

In parallel with writing music for the OTTA-orchestra, Lee Otta worked at the studios Abbey Road (England, UK), Yash Raj Film (Mumbai, Bolliwood), Mosfilm (Moscow).

And in 2015, the big album “DiDuLa. Performed by a symphony orchestra. The Best" on CD and vinyl, which includes symphonic interpretations written by Lee Otta on the themes of the famous Russian guitarist. There was also a big premiere of these works in concert at the Crocus City Hall (Moscow), where Lee Otta performed as a conductor. Then she toured with the DiDuLa group around the cities of Russia as a program conductor with a symphony orchestra, and also took part in a solo concert by Polina Gagarina at the State Kremlin Palace with her symphony orchestra. The real breakthrough for the OTTA-orchestra group happened in 2018, when the group performed their hit “Royal Safari” in Samara with the Samara Symphony Orchestra. The video with the track began to gain particular popularity on the YouTube platform, it gained more than 40 million views, and also became super popular on the TikTok network. In the same year, the group visited China on tour. And in 2021, tours took place in several cities of Italy, including Rome. The music style of OTTA-orchestra appeals to various musical styles such as new age, symphonic pop, indie pop, alternative rock, electronica and folk. The group has gained recognition in Russia and abroad thanks to its unique sound, energetic live performance and innovative musical arrangements.