Online Show 23.03.2024


2024, March 18 at 19.00 Hr.
Colosseum Arena

St. Petersburg


As promised, we are talking about the live broadcast (stream) of our spring SHOW, for which we have already begun to prepare, but we also do not forget about you. There will actually be a lot of gifts... But, first things first...

👉 Anyone who can’t be in KZ Moscow on March 23 will be able to watch our SHOW live, and even if you don’t have time for a live broadcast, you can do it at any time convenient for you on the platform for a month. Access to the broadcast can be purchased on the website and configure your viewing media there. Portal support will answer all questions about connecting to the broadcast.

👉 Specially for the SHOW, we will release CD and Vinyl discs “The Best”, which will include the best compositions of the group and unreleased singles. 💥 By the way, access to the broadcast can already be purchased with a gift CD (only for Russia).

👉To everyone, our friends from other countries, the broadcast will also be available on the portal via the link

📌P.S. The cost of the broadcast will be dynamic and will rise every month, so now you can purchase access at par ☝, and for those who are going to see all the action live, choose the best places while they are available using the link on the right.


2024, April 10 at 20.30 Hr.

Academic Jazz Club



2024, April 12 at 19.30 Hr.

Amber Hall (Svetlogorsk)



2024, April 25 at 19.00 Hr.
Royal Safari Tour
Mayakovsky Concert Hall, Great Hall,



2024, April 26 at 19.00 Hr.
Royal Safari Tour
Palace Of Youth



2024, April 27 at 19.00 Hr.

Palace of Culture

Nizhni Tagil