Hey! I'm Katya, but you can just call me Katya. I grew up in the harsh Chelyabinsk, but managed to get out of there with my family before the famous meteorite hit the city. Too bad I missed this show.

At the age of 18, she traveled more than 4,000 km by hitchhiking and seriously dreamed of becoming a truck driver.

In general, I was a difficult teenager, which I still partly remain. My youth is full of screwed up stories, so I have a bag full of tales that I can tell as an old crazy woma

n, covering myself with a rug in a rocking chair and sipping a cigarette on a long mouthpiece. Maybe someday I'll write a book. Or maybe not. Not so long ago she graduated from a music college in the bass guitar class. Played different music in different ensembles. And Afro-Brazilian pop with songs about pagan gods, and rock of varying severity about Satan and human vices ...

As a result, I was lucky enough to take a place in the wonderful beloved Otta Orchestra, where melodies about anything can be heard: about distant countries, about ancient times, about human feelings and emotions.

I also play the banjo. From time to time I put on an imaginary cowboy hat, chew an imaginary cane and imagine that I am herding cows on a ranch in the wild west, and the gopota from the area under the window are the redneck neighbors from the trailer park)).

In general, any stick with strings causes a wild excitement and a flight of fancy in me, whether it's an Irish or Greek bouzouki, a guitar, a ukulele... In my free time, I write funny short swear rhymes. Maybe one day I'll write a book. Or maybe not….