Alexandra Sakovich is a cymbal and harp performer. Scholarship holder of the President's Special Fund for the Support of Talented Youth, laureate of international competitions and festivals. Graduate of the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesins in the class of gusli. She studied with a talented teacher who masterfully owns the harp - O.V. Vasilyeva, and the Honored Artist of Russia - L.I. Muravieva. She also graduated from the Brest College of Music. G. Screens according to the class of Belarusian cymbals. She studied with one of the best teachers in Belarus - O. V. Litvinchuk .. Performed with AORNI them. N.N. Nekrasov, State Chapel of Moscow. V. Sudakov, the Russian concert orchestra "Academy", the Russian popular music orchestra "Masters of Russia", the paraFraz ensemble. She toured in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and cities in Russia and Belarus. Performs folk, classical, jazz, Spanish pop, Jewish folk music, etc.